Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Dilbert Principle

Best management book I've read so far (well it's not like I've read that many). It really relates to the situation I'm having at my workplace. Highly recommended as long as you're not a manager or planner or anything in that line :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tagged by Ardy

I've been tagged by Ardy

The Rules:

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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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List eight (8) random facts about myself:

1. I didn't know how to swim when I 1st took up Scuba Diving (and I was not even that comfortable in the water back then)

2. I'm Right Handed but Left Legged :)

3. I was born, grew up, lived and went to school in Terengganu until I was 17

4. Just like Ardy who tagged me, I don't mind eating other people's left overs. Hey, left overs are still food and I really don't like to waste all those food. And although it might sound gross, I do pickup food that falls on the table and eat them with the same reason as previously stated

5. I'm married to the person that I've known for 1/2 of my life and that turns out to be around 13 YEARS! (no I'm not saying we've been together that long, it's just that I've known her for that long)

6. I'm not good at sports that requires me to use my leg as the main tool (ie: football and sepak takraw, yes I'm a Kaki Bangku)

7. I love spending money on things that I don't really need and most of the time ended up selling them for cheap

8. I used to wear size 34 pants...(and that was only like 3 years ago) how I wish I can fit in those again

Now, I would like to tag the followings:
Everybody else have been tagged...what to do maa...

Putrajaya & Cyberjaya - The "supposedly" Smart City

Putrajaya and Cyberjaya are both billed as "Smart City" whatever that means. But seriously I don't really understand what so smart about both of them maybe somebody can highlight me on that.

Anyway, I've been to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya a couple of times and everytime, I ended up being lost. I mean these cities are supposed to be well planned and with modern layout and all. But unfortunately, I really found the signboards to be lacking and confusing. Heck everytime I tried to get to Alamanda I would get lost. I mean there're like 2 sign boards directing me to Alamanda then suddenly they all disappeared and I would get confused and ended making a u-turn like 100x before I can reach Alamanda.

OK, now to the main reason why I'm posting this. Recently I was driving to PD and in order to avoid paying any toll, I decided to use the newly opened KL-Putrajaya highway. I followed the route used by the SkyBus from KL Sentral to LCCT and once I reached Sepang I drove through the back road to PD. After the successful drive to PD using the highway without paying any tolls, I decided to use the same way back to KL.

So here is where the adventure begins. As I reached Putrajaya, I tried to look at signs leading me to the KL-Putrajaya highway but I found none and decide just to take the KL-Seremban highway back home. So I just drove along following any sign boards that's leading to KL and guess what? It led me to a ramp that leads to nowhere and still under construction. It was at night and there's not even a single road light along the ramp. I was lucky that the car in front of me must have also made a mistake turning into the ramp and decided to turn back to the main road. I followed the car but as we reached the entry to the ramp, a few other cars were entering it and god I was lucky that none of them were driving fast, if not they might have hit me.

So here I would like to pose a question? Where's the smartness in this Smart City? Putrajaya is supposed to be the administrative capital of Malaysia and the don't even have proper road signs and how come an intersection that's still under construction have no barrier preventing vehicles from entering it? Accidents could have happened by this blatant display of carelessness.

Just yesterday if I'm not mistaken, I read in The Star that people are complaining that they can't seem to find the entrance to the KL-Putrajaya highway from Putrajaya. What good is a highway if people can't use it because they can't find the entrace? I guess this is the problem that arises when you have too many highways leading to the same place but none are properly labeled....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


A new member in our family, and he's a boy :) ...finally. As of yesterday I'm uncle to 3 nieces and my dad has always wish to have a grandson.

So his wish was fulfilled today as my sister gave birth to a healthy 3.3kg boy at 1.30pm :)... I'm really excited and I guess I would need to travel down south tomorrow and most probably take this Friday off as I would need to be my mom's unofficial driver... I'll post some pictures as soon as I'm allowed to heh...

I'm Back

It's 2008 and this is my 1st post after about a week into the new year. So what have I been doing lately? The answer would be Work, Work, Work, balik kampung, Work and Work again. Somewhere in between I've been tagged twice by SD. The tag is in Malay so here goes:

Bilakah saat-saat anda merasa boring dan bosan?

Bila membuat kerja/sesuatu yang berulang-ulang tanpa apa-apa yang baru untuk dibuat

Bagaimanakah anda menghilangkan perasaan boring dan bosan tersebut?

Buat sesuatu yang baru atau keluar makan angin

Pernah anda merasa hendak memukul seseorang?

Tentulah pernah

Jika ya, bagaimanakah caranya anda hendak memukul orang tersebut?

Tendang perutnya, siku mukanya dan lain-lain lagi

Pernahkah anda mengamuk dan membaling barang-barang di sekeliling anda?

Tidak. Kalau saya membaling barang-barang di sekeliling saya dan barang itu rosak, saya terpaksa membeli barang baru, semua itu menggunakan duit dan saya ini kedekut orangnya

Pernahkah anda mencintai seseorang? (termasuk sesame jantina dan berlainan jantina)

Tentulah pernah

Siapakah orang yang malang itu?

Jika kamu lihat blog ini kamu akan tahu

Berapa ramai orang yang pernah anda cintai?

Kalau saya jawab disini ada orang akan marah :)

Pernahkah hati anda dilukai?

Pernah dan lebih daripada sekali

Apakah cara anda untuk mengubati luka di hati itu?

Saya bukan doktor, jadi saya tidak tahu macam mana hendak mengubat luka di hati

Antara tortoise, eagle, tiger, elephant, kuda, yang mana satu pilihan anda?

Saya akan jadi elephant sebab elephant besar dan kuat jadi boleh buli orang yang lebih kecil

Berapa ramai orang yang pernah menyukai anda? (termasuk sesame jantina dan berlainan jantina)

Ada orang sukakan saya kah?

Pernahkah anda meniduri orang lain selain daripada isteri/suami anda sekarang? (juga selain daripada mak bapak, atuk nenek, pakcik makcik, adik-beradik, anak-beranak dan sedara-mare) – anda boleh tinggalkan soalan ini sekiranya anda rasa pernah berbuat demikian dan berasa segan untuk menjawabnya hehehe…

Jawapan untuk soalan itu adalah sulit dan persendirian

Anda hidup untuk makan atau makan untuk hidup?

Kalau saya tidak makan saya akan mati

Apakah falsampah hidup anda?

Saya tidak belajar sastera semasa di sekolah, saya jugak tidak mempunyai ijazah doktor falsafah jadi saya tiada falsampah dalam hidup

Adakah anda berasa menyampah dengan tag ini?

Saya rasa sangat menyampah membuat tag ini tetapi kerana saya sedang boring dan bosan, jadi saya membuat tag ini

Jadi apakah yang akan anda lakukan sekarang?

Saya akan membuang masa sehingga waktu makan tengahari dan terus membuang masa menunggu pukul 5 petang untuk pulang ke rumah