Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Yellow Tiger

WOW!, I've been really lazy to update my blog. I would blame that on Facebook and the people who influenced me start Facebook'ing in the 1st place :). 

Anyway, I've restarted an old hobby/interest of mine. Way before I started playing volleyball, basketball, golf, going diving and many more hobbies/interest that I currently have, I was an avid cyclist. When I was 11, I was accepted into my state's cycling program after I finished 3rd in the annual cycling event that was held to identify up and coming talents in bicycle racing. But that did not last long as I went to boarding school 2 years later and had to leave everything behind. 

Frankly speaking, up to 21 years old I owned only 1 bicycle. And it was stolen after a week or so :( back when I was 9 years old. Afterwards I shared my brother's bicycles and when I was training I was lucky to be loaned 1. I remembered that it was a Colnago, though I'm quite sure it's a replica. Fast forward to my college years, I bought a bicycle to make it easy for me to go to classes and have a quick stroll around town. Bought it from Walmart and it was damn heavy not to mention pooly built. Following the Lance Amstrong craze as he was from Austin and can be seen around town sometimes, I decided that I wanted a road bike and I actually built 1 (will post the pictures once I can get a hold of them). However, due to the lack of experience, I actually bought a frame that was too big for me and decided to sell if off before returning to Malaysia. 

Now, 3 years later, I found out that some of my diving friends are also avid cyclists. Since I won't be diving again anytime soon due to various factors (too many that won't even explain them here) I guess, why not pickup cycling again. Some consulatations and countless hours searching online, 1 fateful Sunday afternoon I came back home with this

It's a T-Blaze and yes it's a Proton so I now drive and ride a Proton. I named it "The Yellow Tiger" as the color scheme that it came with is actually named Yellow Tiger. Question is Why Proton? Well the main reason would be that since they're going out of the bicycle business, they're unloading all their bicycles for cheap. I didn't do myself much of a favor by getting the T-Blaze as it's just a few hundred bucks cheaper than the higher spec T-Bolt but I prefer hard tail bikes. Also since it's cheaper, by any chance should I decide cycling is no longer for me, I would be able to unload it or just keep it and would not lose too much money. 

It came with a very low end group set and cheap parts, the frame itself is the only consolation. Right now I'm just planning to do some recreational cycling so the low end groupset and components should do it for now, but if i ever got serious, I think everything need to be changed. Anyway for the time being I'm just replacing some parts to make the bike fit me better since obviously I can't do anything (well except for maybe to lose some weight) to fit the bike. 

I'll post more pictures of the up an coming upgrades to the bikes and any rides that I would be doing (if i ever do any that is) so stay tuned!