Thursday, July 17, 2008

Durian with Mus

This was suppose to be posted late last month but I've been very lazy so I'm just posting it now.

Anyway Mus (a fellow Longhorn) came all the way down from Houston and was in town for a week last month for his "Balik Kampung" and South East Asian tour. I was competing in KKP 08 when he arrived and I was surprised to found out that nobody took him around as everybody was either away or busy for the 2 weeks he was in Malaysia.

So I took the initiative and took him around town (which is kind of ironic since he's actually from KL) and he told me that he wanted some to visit Pasar Malam and wanted some Durian since all those frozen Durian that can be found in Oriental Shops around Houston tastes like paper. So I took him near my place and we bought some Durians that are selling for RM 10 for 3. I have no idea whether that's cheap or expensive, seriously heh....

Anyway people say pictures tell a thousand words so I'll let pictures below do the the of the story

Let's eat some Durian

1 done, 2 more to go!

Houston guys enjoying his Durian

The aftermath! Pay close attention to the tummy area :)

Thanks to gafiL for the pictures as I was busy eating Durian and was so bloated afterwards hehehe....