Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Backplate and Wing BCD for SALE (OMS wing with Oxyceq SS plate)

Yup, I'm putting my BCD up for sale. It's not that I'm going out of diving, it's just that I'm thinking about buying something else that would fit my diving needs better. Details as follows:

- OMS 32lbs wing 
- Oxycheq Stainless Steel backplate with hograthian harness
- Plastic Cam buckle
- Should fit anybody 6 ft 220 lbs and below (hogarthian harness can be adjusted to fit your body)

Price: ~Rm1500 (negotiable)
Freebies: Deepoutdoors pocket



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Trips in 2 Weekends

The last time I went for 2 dive trips in 2 weekends was last year when I went to Redang to complete my AOW course. This year I have not been diving much and I really thought that the Sipadan trip last March would be my only trip. 

After the Redang trip last weekend, I was already cleaning up my dive gears and ready to store them away for next year's trip (wishful thinking :)) but I somehow got coaxed into going to Tioman. The trip was just a short 2 day trip but it's really worth it as the viz at Tiger Reef was stunning and I had a wonderful time around Labas with all the swim throughs. I think I'll just do a 1 post for both my Redang and Tioman trip later but unfortunately for me this time, I got no underwater camera thanks to a broken latch! 

Stay tuned...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Making Laksa Mee the Traditional Way

(I wrote this last week but didn't manage to post it as somebody persuaded me to go to Tioman)

I got the chance to see this Makcik making Laksa Mee the traditional way when I was visiting gafiL's grandma back during Hari Raya. 

She told me that the brass Laksa Mee maker was inherited from her grand parents and thus it's really old! It's really heavy and take considerible effort to spin around. 

She took just RM2 "upah" for each kg of Laksa Mee that she makes, you need to give her all the flour and other ingredients, and for me that's way cheap considering all the hassle that she has to go through. 

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm going underwater again

Yes! finally after almost 7 months being dry, I'll be going underwater again tomorrow. Unfortunately don't have my camera this time as the casing is broken. Will update on the trip when I got back.....