Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Trips in 2 Weekends

The last time I went for 2 dive trips in 2 weekends was last year when I went to Redang to complete my AOW course. This year I have not been diving much and I really thought that the Sipadan trip last March would be my only trip. 

After the Redang trip last weekend, I was already cleaning up my dive gears and ready to store them away for next year's trip (wishful thinking :)) but I somehow got coaxed into going to Tioman. The trip was just a short 2 day trip but it's really worth it as the viz at Tiger Reef was stunning and I had a wonderful time around Labas with all the swim throughs. I think I'll just do a 1 post for both my Redang and Tioman trip later but unfortunately for me this time, I got no underwater camera thanks to a broken latch! 

Stay tuned...