Monday, September 15, 2008

i just don't understand

WOW!'s been ages since i last updated my blog. well frankly speaking i've been lazy of late and same goes to gafiL. she kept on pushing me to update the blog with something that she wanted to write but she's too lazy to do it herself (sorry honey heh)

anyway it's been more than 3 years now since i moved to KL and to continue with the trend of moving every Ramadhan, i've moved again, now from Cheras to the City Center (previously i moved from Damansara to Cheras). the reasons why i moved again are listed below:

1. want to live closer to work
2. contract expired
3. my new home not ready yet

well here i would like to highlight the 4th point. it was also 1 of the main reason why i moved from damansara to cheras initially. well lets just forget about old stories and focus on the current 1. i'll let the notice below explains part of the story

i've been living in cheras for the past 1 year and was living happily. that was until about 2 months ago when the management of the apartment was supposedly handed over to the residents/owner by the developer.

anyway without any meetings or whatever, suddenly the announced all sorts of new rules that was making life miserable. they even hired somebody who definitely has no management experience to handle the management office. having no experience is 1 thing, having no MANNERS is another matter altogether. oh well since this is Ramadhan, i don't think i would want to go into details about that.

so lets focus on the notice in the picture that i posted above. if my memory serves me right, when we live in a apartment, we do pay a certain sum of money monthly that's called MAINTENANCE FEE. and the purpose of the maintenance fee is to pay for the operational aspect of the premise and that includes cleaning up the premise, cleaning clogged drains etc. up to now i still can't comprehend the logic they use to punish all the residents in the block that drains got clogged. it's just like living in the dorm at high school where if the dorm is dirty, everybody need to clean it up.

well i guess that's what happened when you hire somebody who have a high school mentality to run a management office at a used to be well run apartment. lucky me i'm out of there......

notes :

a) Hempuk meja depan pompuan sebab tak bagi lorry masuk after 6pm.
b) Jerit2 marah his workers (bukan dia jd boss pun) at 9 am Saturday morning.. bising gile!
c) membebel pasal kerja dia padahal dtg nak bayar bil air jek... 1/2jam nak dgr dia meroyan
d) visitors parking = jd parking dia (ni plg marahhh....)
e) cat pili bomba to red colour, n depan pili buat parking berbayar (rm 30/month).
f) hire 2 "geriatric" guards utk take care of the apartment

Sorry dear, "Mr Satan" in me yg suruh tulis tu.

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You understood, that's why you moved.

People in power, they tend to abuse it or grab the opportunity to make money.. damn!

Anyway, I will definitely do the same thing..